About me

Hi, I am Stefan. I like to build things, debug things, and, most of all, to keep learning.

I enjoy designing user interfaces. Combining both user experience research and accessibility. I am a big fan of tech and science, with passion for Astronomy.

So, when did you start getting involved with programming ?

I would say when I was about 13 years old. At the time I was a part of a gaming community in WoW and my first project involved creating a simple forum in phpBB. I found it very difficult but I enjoyed every second of doing it. Since then, if someone asked me what I wanted to do in life, the answer was always the same. Programming.

When I was about 18 the term programmer changed into a web developer. Before that I have spent some time learning C# and later Java. But I would always return to HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Why front-end ?

I tried both back-end and front-end before I made my decision. I found back-end to be much more challenging but not rewarding.

I have spent time working on something that was very important for the website, but no one would every know. While front-end let me build the actual interface people would interact with.

It felt so rewarding, it made me feel good.

How do you plan to move forward with your career ?

This is something I am still planing. So far I know two things :

  1. I want to become an even better developer.
  2. I want to give back to the community.

This blog is an idea to help me do both. I will write about the struggles I have along the way and how I solved them. It will be a way for me to always look back and see what I went trough, and I hope, a guide for those that struggle with the same.